Kids will also make a bead pendulum and will receive crystals as gifts, learning how to use them to clear chakras.

Spirit Camp for Kids

​​A Meditation Mask teaches children how to enter their inner world, while the Power Animal Mask is used to journey and connect with your sacred Power Animal for protection and guidance.

​To keep Spirit Camps affordable for all families, the weekly cost is only $300 per camper!  If two or more children from the same family attend, cost is $250 per camper.  There will be an additional cost for extended hours for parents who need to drop off kids early or pick them up late of $25 (for either before- OR after-hours) or $50 for both before- and after-hours.

A Talking Stick is a Native American tradition to help children learn to take turns when speaking and listen to others.

​​Dream Catchers help kids to chase away bad dreams. We will also read stories about protecting our energy.

​Kate also hopes to offer Spirit Camp for Kids at an off-site location(s) in 2023!

Spirit Camp for Kids, which is part of the Dancing Jaguar Inspirations initiative, will be offered at an off-site location(s) such as local schools and churches, beginning in the summer of 2023.  We are hoping to do 2-3 camps next summer in either one off-site location or different locations around the Capital District.  If interested in holding a summer camp in your area, please feel free to contact me to discuss!

Kate recently became certified to teach Spirit Camp for children aged 5-12.  It is a 5-day summer program (9am to 3pm, Monday through Friday) that offers children an opportunity to "stay awake."  It involves crafts and activities that help kids remember their spiritual nature and includes modules in using pendulums to clear chakras, dowsing rods to detect auras and find missing objects, dream catchers to chase away bad dreams, connecting with your power animal for protection, meditation, breathing and grounding tools, affirmations and much more!

​Below are some examples of crafts children will make at Spirit Camp to help them on their spiritual journey.....

Extended day-care hours will also be available for parents who need to drop their children off early or pick them up later due to their work schedules, for an added fee.

Kate and her co-teacher, Linda Davin, hope to also offer sneak peek modules over the winter months, so stay tuned!  Linda is a former Music Teacher for 40 years at the Saratoga Springs schools and currently teaches nursery school locally.

Check out this link for more information on the concept of Spirit Camp:

See you there? 

Children will start by making a Spirit Tool Box (out of a shoe box) to hold all their spiritual tools during and after Spirit Camp.