As of July 1, 2022, both in-person and remote sessions are $90 for both the initial and follow-up session (60-90 minutes, generally 90 minutes for most sessions.)

For energy-only sessions, the rate is $45 and includes a 20- to 30-minute energy session, as well as before and after text or phone follow-up. 

*Note:  Some Sliding Scale Arrangements Available (please ask)

Cash or Venmo Preferred. (Checks, PayPal or Credit Cards accepted, as well.) 

Payment may be made through Venmo at:  (Kate-Kellman-2) or PayPal (, Square (you will give me your credit card information via phone or in person and it will be stored in your file, not electronically), or by bringing a check during session or sending to my home address after the session.  Thank you!

According to Chinese Medicine, there are two factors that contribute to our health. One is environmental or post-natal Qi. This means anything you put in your body (food, drink, drugs, etc.) or on your body (perfumes, hair and skin products, etc.) or toxins in the environment (exposure to chemicals, pollutants, car fumes, etc.). The other cause of disease is excessive emotions and, believe it or not, this factor weighs more heavily than environmental toxins. There are many tools, however, to deal with destructive emotions and help us lead a happier, healthier and more productive lifestyle.

During subsequent visits, I may also show you certain breathing and grounding techniques or various Qigongs (simple movements designed to release blockages or enhance energy). These "prescriptions" are designed to self-empower, giving you tools you can incorporate into your daily routine to aid in your own healing process. The work we do in sessions is a cooperative effort.  I will guide you in the process, but only you can heal yourself. Yes, you are that powerful! This process is designed to get to the root of pathology or emotional imbalances, rather than merely treating the symptoms. If subsequent sessions are needed, a two-week regimen is usually recommended for optimal benefits; however, it is always up to the client to determine what schedule they are able to manage (e.g., monthly sessions, as-needed, or occasionally weekly for acute issues that need immediate attention, such as COVID).

Please Note:  I follow CDC Guidelines for COVID and am fully vaccinated and boosted.  I have also developed protocols for COVID, as I have worked with it extensively over the past two years.  If a family member contacts me to work on a client who is currently hospitalized, I will do all I can to work with that person remotely to assist in their recovery (sometimes several times per week).  For current clients or their family members who get COVID and notify me, they are asked to quarantine, but I have found that working with the person in the early stages of the illness, remotely, helps them navigate the symptoms and get through it more smoothly.  In these cases, I generally suggest an "energy-only" session, omitting the talk portion of the session.

After the initial interview, I will ask you to lie face-up on a massage table, fully clothed, and focus on your breathing. After setting up a sacred space to allow you to feel safe, I will work on you energetically. I might also ask to see your tongue and take your pulses (with your permission). During the energetic part of the session, it is common to feel tingling, muscle twitches, heat and/or cold sensations, a feeling of deep relaxation, and sometimes colors, visions or insights.  Some people simply feel relaxed and don't experience any other sensations. It is a very individual process. 

During the table work, I am assessing your energetic matrix, clearing energy blockages, strengthening organs and meridian systems, and helping the Qi and blood flow throughout your body. This "energetic tune-up" assists the body by promoting better overall energy flow, allowing your system to function more effectively. We will also work on uncovering the pattern(s) of disharmony, according to Chinese Medicine, such as Heat conditions (inflammation), Qi Deficiency (chronic fatigue, lethargy) and other patterns for various pathological and/or emotional concerns.

Afterwards, I will ask you briefly about your experience and answer any questions you might have. The initial session is 90 minutes long and follow-up sessions generally last 60-90 minutes.  The talk part takes 30-60 minutes and table time is 20-30 minutes each time.


Galway, NY (15 minutes from Saratoga Springs, 30 minutes from Schenectady, and 45 minutes from Albany)

​Note:  Address will be given to clients individually.

By Appointment Only - Days and times of operation are as follows:  Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and every other Thursday from 10:15am to 6:45pm.  Call or text me at (518) 775-7798 or email, or you can fill out the website form, and I will get back to you to schedule.  Texting is usually best.

Fee Schedule

I am now offering Remote Medical Qigong Therapy Sessions for only $90 for a 60- to 90-minute session or $45 for an energy-only session.  For more information on Remote Sessions, please see below.

What can you expect during your Medical Qigong session?  During your initial visit, I will ask several questions to get to know you better and help me identify possible energetic blockages in your major organs and meridian system. These questions may include pertinent medical history, current medications, dietary and sleep habits, digestion issues, childhood family dynamics and major traumatic experiences in your life, all of which can affect your health.

Medical Qigong Therapy Location & Hours


Remote Sessions

What to Expect (Remote Sessions)

What to Expect (In-Person Sessions) 

Remote Sessions are very similar to In-Person Sessions, the main difference being that we are not, physically, in the same room together.  The advantage is Remote Sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home, even if you live in another state or country.  It is based on the science of Quantum Physics--non-locality and entanglement.

In one well-known experiment, scientists split a microscopic particle called a photon in half, moving one part to a location thousands of miles away.  Because the two parts of the photon are still connected energetically, when the scientists stimulated one part of the photon, the other part reacted simultaneously.

Pretty amazing really.  Yet, this is how energy works.  There is a connection between all particles in the universe. Because of this principal, it is possible to connect with another person's energy signature, even if they are thousands of miles away.  Most people have experienced this phenomenon when they have an intuition about a family member who is in another location, somehow "knowing" they are in danger or they are about to call you or drop by.

I have been trained in this technique by both my teachers, Robert Peng and Dr. Ted Cibik, and have used it consistently to tap into the energies of clients at a distance, with their permission.

The initial interview portion of the session, as described above, can be done either via a telephone call or Zoom.  We will pre-arrange a time for the session, then I will call you at the designated time.  We'll chat for 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the type of session -- either an initial intake session or a follow-up), then I will ask you to lie down on your back either on your bed or a sofa, get comfortable, relax, close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Be open to receiving energies.

You may feel what I am doing in the form of tingles, sensations, heat or cold, relaxation or insights and visions.  Or, you may just feel relaxed or sleepy.  Do your best to stay awake for the half hour and focus on your breathing and any sensations you might be feeling.  Your feedback is helpful, but if you don't have any, that is fine, too.

It is also important that you will not be interrupted during this part of the session.  Animals are fine if they want to participate in the healing, such as lying on a part of your body, but if they will pester you for food or attention, it is better to have them in another room.  Please, also, turn off your cell phone and any other electronic devices, if possible.

Afterwards, you will likely be sleepy or you might want to simply absorb the energies and keep still.  You can text me when you wake up and tell me what you experienced, and I will text you back when I am able to.  Or, we can do it via phone call, depending on schedules, to discuss the session the following day or at a pre-arranged time.  We can talk briefly, and I will answer any questions you might have and give you feedback on what I found, as well.  Email is also an option if that is easier. 

I will also give you suggestions and "prescriptions" in the form of breathing, grounding, or other Qigongs that you can do for "homework" to help you manage your own energies between sessions (for sessions after the initial intake).  As with all sessions, this is a cooperative effort.  I will guide you in the healing process, but it is up to you on how much or how little you invest in your own health and well-being.  If I need to show you certain Qigongs, we can either Zoom, or I can send you a write-up via email.

Payment can be made through Venmo, Paypal or via Credit Card.  You can also send me a check, if you prefer.  Payment is usually taken care of after the session in case there is a need to cancel.  Twenty-four hour notice for cancellations, if possible, is always appreciated.  Since most people have busy schedules and things come up, as of this time, I do not charge a cancellation fee.