‚ÄčKate is currently making preparations to also offer events at Deep Connections!

It has always been her dream to share this tranquil, healing space with others and offer services beyond her Medical Qigong Therapy practice.  Plans are underway to add more parking to accommodate smaller group events over the next year.  As part of this initiative, she hopes to work with others in the field to present workshops, sacred ceremonies, drum circles, cob oven food fests, empowerment summits, meditation circles, full moon rituals and more!

Spirit Camp for Kids, which is part of the Dancing Jaguar Inspirations initiative, will also be offered.  Kate is currently undergoing training to become certified to teach Spirit Camp for children aged 5-12.  It is a 5-day summer program (9am to 3pm, M-F, with possible extended daycare options) that offers children an opportunity to "stay awake."  It involves crafts and activities that help kids remember their spiritual nature and includes modules in using pendulums to clear chakras, dowsing rods to detect auras and find missing objects, dream catchers to chase away bad dreams, connecting with your power animal for protection, meditation, breathing and grounding tools, affirmations and much more!  Kate and her co-teacher, Linda Davin, hope to also offer sneak peek modules over the winter months, so stay tuned!  Check out this link for more information:  www.dancingjaguarinspirations.com

See you there?