​​Good news!  

​Classes in the Dao Yin Qigong Set will be resuming in June.  For all my former students and those interested in joining this interactive class, the monthly schedule will resume (date and time TBD) sometime in June.  This has been a popular class and your requests to have it back have been heard....

The new structure will be as follows.  Those whom have already learned the practice are free to join in for the 1.5 hour class once a month.  In the warm months, it will be held outside (weather permitting) and in the cooler months, we can move indoors.

For those who are beginners and have not yet learned the set, there will be a 1.5-hour instructional zoom call before the monthly class that is mandatory before joining the class.  In this call, students will learn the purpose of the Qigong set and other background preparations needed before learning this ancient practice such as grounding, breathing, the proper rules of posture and about energetic portals or openings in the body that facilitate the release of emotions.  These same portals are used for the second half of the set to build or tonify energy in the body.  A written cheat sheet with the order of the movements will also be emailed to new students.  This is a free call and new students will be given the link after they register.

With this new format, the actual class can be devoted to the practice.  New students can just follow along which is the best way to learn Qigong.  There will be some instruction and help where needed, but it will be mostly interactive.  This also lends to a more respectful atmosphere for dedicated students as new people join the class.

This Qigong set is based on Medical Qigong so is different than other Qigong sets taught in area schools.  It is based on the principal of moving Qi or energy through visualization and intention for the express purpose of keeping the Energy Body flowing freely.  This helps to support optimal health and well-being and has also been shown to increase longevity in long-time practitioners.  More will be explained during the initial zoom call, and students will then have the option of joining the class if it is something they feel will help them in their journey.

Students will also be asked a few questions before being admitted to the zoom class to make sure they will benefit from the class.  It is a powerful practice that does move energy which can sometimes cause a strong release of emotions, especially in those with a history of severe trauma.  It may not be appropriate for all students, including those who are going through challenging and serious medical conditions.  Kate has been trained to evaluate and observe the energy of those in her classes, as well, but always takes very seriously the power of Qi.

Please contact Kate if you are interested in enrolling or if you're a former student.  I look forward to teaching the class again and feel honored to be able to offer this unique Qigong set! 

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