Meet Kate

Kate first discovered her healing abilities during hypnosis when a powerful energy emanated from her palms. Later, she realized we all have access to this miraculous substance called Qi, which is the great communicator, allowing us to tap into our unlimited potential for health and well-being. Sometimes, it is part of our life plan to experience these challenges. Other times, we can uncover the root issue causing our disease and by changing our perspective, we can discover the reason for our sickness, helping us to heal on all levels - mind, body, and spirit.

Medical Qigong Therapy is a branch of Chinese Medicine originating from the Classical period of oral tradition when secret knowledge was handed down through families. It helps clients get to the root of their medical or psychological issues by exploring possible environmental and/or emotional causes, and then re-adjusting the energetic matrix to promote self-healing through better Qi and blood flow.


Park here in my private driveway near the "Client Parking" sign.  You will be the only client coming and going, as clients are now scheduled three hours apart to avoid parking hassles.

Come to the front door via the porch on the left of the driveway, and I will meet you there!  Welcome to Deep Connections Medical Qigong Therapy and your healing journey....

Kate Kellman, DMQ, PhD

Doctor of Medical Qigong


When you see the "Kate" sign, turn left into my private driveway.

If you see this sign, you went a little too far. Please back up and enter the driveway on the LEFT. 


Former member of the National Qigong Association (NQA) and Annual Conference Planning Committee for the NQA. Guest Speaker on Qi Talks (January 11, 2018).

No-hassle parking! 

When you enter the long driveway from the main road, my house is on the LEFT at the end.  Please follow the red arrow ("Kate") to my private driveway that veers off to the left.

If you go too far, you will see another sign directing you to back up and enter on the left.

‚ÄčNOTE:  Please respect the privacy of my neighbors (who are on the right side of the driveway) and only park on the LEFT. Thank you.

Park in the "Client Parking" space in front of the garage door (shown below). 

In-person clients are scheduled three hours apart to avoid any parking hassles. Hours of operation are: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and every other Thursday from 10:15am to 6:45pm.

When you arrive, there is a porch on the left that leads to the front door entrance.  I will meet you on your arrival!

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Kate Kellman

Come down the long driveway from the road....

Kate Kellman, DMQ, PhD

For 5 years, Kate built her practice from the beautiful healing space The Garden in Saratoga.

Kate is now working out of her home in Galway (only 15 minutes from the Garden in Saratoga Springs, near the intersection of Routes 147 and 29), 30 minutes from Schenectady, and 45 minutes from Albany.

Nestled in the woods with the healing waters of a brook, clients are able to enjoy the calming energies that pervade the land.  Kate has often sensed a ley line near the brook and the spirits of Native Americans who once were caretakers of these lands.  She feels blessed to be able to share this healing space with her clients on their own journey to optimal health and well-being.  

During the warmer months, the talk part of the session is often held outside.    

To set up an appointment, please text, call, email or use the submission form on the Contact tab.  Kate can be reached at:  (518) 775-7798 or via email at

Now offering Remote Sessions, as well!  (Please see Services tab for more information).

For several years, Kate studied Taoism, finding serenity in its simple wisdom. Later, she learned Tai Chi with Mark Tolstrup in Saratoga Springs. In 2014, she began training in Medical Qigong. Her first teacher was Robert Peng, a world-renowned Qigong Master and Healer.

In April of 2018, she graduated from a three-year intensive training certification program with Dr. Ted J. Cibik at Inner Strength in Leechburg, PA. Kate now holds the title of Doctor of Medical Qigong and also attained her PhD in Advanced Energetics, enabling her to work on more complicated cases by accessing the Shen state of being.  She feels very fortunate to be the only practitioner in our area to have obtained this level of study in Medical Qigong Therapy.

The practice focuses on reaching a high level of self-cultivation to enable the practitioner to work with most diseases, both physical and emotional, by adjusting the energy matrix.  This is done by talking to patients with targeted questions to identify the pattern of imbalance, according to Chinese Medicine, then working energetically to assist them with their healing process.

Sessions are aimed to empower individuals by giving them tools and prescriptions, in the form of qigongs (simple movements) and dietary and lifestyle recommendations, so they can take part in their own healing and discover the root of the pathology or emotional issue.

Kate's doctoral thesis focused on Pediatric Leukemia and learning how to safely assist in the side effects associated with cancer treatments, helping those who are currently undergoing chemo and radiation or who have gone through it in their past.  MQT can help in the recovery process, and she is currently working with children with Leukemia with good results.

Kate's lineage is from her primary teacher, Dr. Ted Cibik, who is a Daoist Priest, DMQ, Chinese Physician (Zhong Yi), and Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.). Dr. Cibik is a senior student of Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, a Daoist Master from the 88th generation of the Jade Purity Sect and the Complete Reality Dragon Gate School.

Kate also studied Taoism and self-cultivation in The Immortal Mind Program with Dr. Cibik. She is grateful to all the amazing teachers in her life and honored to help all those who find her through their own journey.

Her private practice was established in January of 2017.