My Neurologist says it's like I don't even have MS--I have no symptoms anymore. I used to get tired after a few hours. Now, I can go all day and feel good the whole two weeks between sessions. My headaches went from a "9" (really bad) every few days to a "4" every 3 weeks. I haven't gone blind in my left eye since I've been seeing Kate for treatments, even though my doctor said to expect it to keep getting worse.  My heat and inflammation is much better, and my tongue looks normal now. I can't thank Kate enough.

--Rick H., Saratoga Springs, NY

I feel like I've come so far in the last year with the help of all my providers.  I really appreciate all you've done for me, Kate.  I even gave my D.O. (Dr. of Osteopathy) your name.  She said she'd like to see you herself.  I really love the class, too.  That helps a lot.

--Jim S., Saratoga Springs, NY

Thanks so much Kate! I could not have done it without you. Making me believe in myself was the key to my success through you.

--Cindy W., Rotterdam, NY

Excerpts from Letters of Students at a local High School after Speaking to their Health & Careers Class

"You sounded very happy with your job and what you do. I couldn't even fathom the feeling you get when you truly help someone.  I found your near death experience interesting to hear and really opened a new door to learn about.  I'd like to learn and read about more experiences people had like yours and just be almost mind blown. I also found the story with you helping someone across the country very cool... I'm sure you get a lot of people who say this is fake and it's impossible what you do but I truly do believe what you do is true and works."  -- Tony C.

"It was interesting to hear about an alternative form of healthcare.  I felt very relieved of whatever stress I was feeling when you demonstrated those exercises and we followed along.  I had a Nursing School entrance exam the next morning and I practiced some of these techniques before and I felt a lot better... If I hadn't already committed myself to Nursing, I would absolutely have chosen this as a career because of the stories and the overall meaning behind the practice.  Being able to heal someone and change their health status by using energy and manipulating the energy to make them feel better is not a normal thing to hear about, but I think that it is definitely a field where people should look towards if westernized medicine doesn't work for them.  I thank you sincerely for coming to talk with our class about this.  It was very eye-opening."  -- Laura H.

"The concept of medical qigong was new to me and turned out to be very interesting.  I found the knowledge you shared fascinating and eye opening.  I loved the story about the patient with MS that was able to be healed with medical Qigong.  His life was completely changed for the better by the work that you do.  One thing that stood out in particular was your statement about it being hard to be a good human being and that really rung true to me.  It's easy to see that not many people truly are good humans, and it's important we all work on that.  And, lastly, the oil change analogy just made sense.  We need to take the time to get the bad energy out and the good energy in every once in awhile, and we'll be happier and healthier for longer.  I think what you do is unique and cool.  I also enjoyed that it was such an interactive presentation."  -- Brenden B.

"Before you came in I had absolutely no idea what medical Qigong was.  I thought it was a very interesting concept and crazy that it can actually heal people.  I like being organic and going the holistic way so this is a very neat concept.  I learned a lot in your short amount of time.  It's very cool how the schooling isn't at a university but at your teacher's home, and that its kinesthetic learning.  I also truly believe laughter is the best medicine because i am the type of person who loves to smile and laugh and most of my friends will say they don't know how I am always so positive and energetic.  It's very interesting how that you facilitate the healing but the person's energy is actually really healing them!  I think everyone's minds were a little blown about how energy can heal!  I wish you the best of luck on your doctorate exam!"  -- Mikayla P.

"I thought that it was really cool how you taught us some of the basic ways to practice medical Qigong during your session.  I especially liked the one where we shook everything out because that is something I usually do when I am anxious or have a lot of energy.  I also liked the exercise where we laughed at each other because it was interesting how this connected back to the practice.  Thank you again for coming into our class.  'Life is qi, qi is in me.'"  -- Lauren

"Learning about Chinese medical qigong was very interesting.  It is the art and science of using breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy (qi).  The presentation you had about your career was really fun learning about and I liked the cool activity we did.  Thank you for coming in and talking to my class."  -- Shane

You are awesome, Kate!  I always feel better after I see you.  The Neurosurgeon told me there was a good chance they wouldn't get all of the Meningioma out when I had the brain surgery, but they got it all!  When you said you felt it wanted to come out, I wasn't sure, but you were right!  Thank you so much.

--Donna P., Cohoes, NY

I came to Kate with stage 4 lung cancer. While doing Immunotherapy and chemo, I saw her regularly and she helped me in so many ways. I got through everything with flying colors. Now my doctor is discontinuing the chemo and I'm in remission! Between my regular doctors and Kate, I feel like I finally have a life again. -- Ellen K., Mechanicville, NY

Kate is a gifted Medical Qigong practitioner. Her professional yet relaxed demeanor immediately makes you feel at ease. She explains concepts in a simple yet thorough manner. Following an interview, education and guided exercise component, we had a session on the massage table in which I had an increased awareness of my third eye opening and a surge of energy and light. It was relaxing and healing. I would recommend Kate without hesitation.

--Sharon Wheeler, E. Greenbush, NY

I was very impressed by Kate's attention to detail at her intake process. I felt like she really gets down to the core of what might be the origin of imbalance. When I saw Kate, I explained that I have Vitiligo, a condition of losing pigment of the skin. I had a session every other week, and a month after, I started seeing signs of representation in my skin. I am both thrilled and hopeful for the first time! Her energy is beautiful and I love her attitude. Her passion for Qigong energy healing is as big as the joy with which she practices. She is the only one to help me bring some pigment back to my skin. I am so grateful!

--Alexandra Desachy, Saratoga Springs, NY

Thank you, Kate, for a wonderful session yesterday.  You are very kind and helpful and I will give this my all and do as you recommend. I slept pretty well last night and I seemed to have less pain!  I look forward to our next session!  (MS client after 2nd session.)

--Suzie C., Saratoga Springs,

It is with great confidence that I recommend Kate Kellman to assist you on your healing journey. Kate solved my chronic tinnitus that baffled my ENT specialist for over a year. Through her energy re-balancing, I was able to finally hear silence again, a priceless sound, believe me! She works with your energetic fields to inspire your body to reset peacefully. The long-term effects of her healing work will deeply enrich your life. She is a natural-born healer who I trust, highly respect and definitely recommend.

--Amy Lolic, Colonie, NY