• An ancient practice from Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Unique offering (not taught elsewhere)
  • Reduces stress through various purgation techniques
  • Improves the Immune System
  • Balances PH & Boosts Energy Levels
  • Clears blockages & Qi stagnation from daily stress
  • Strengthens the 5 Yin Organs & Meridian System
  • Regulates Qi flow throughout the body
  • Self-Cultivation for Health & Well-Being
  • 6-Directional Breath & Grounding Techniques
  • Color & Sound Therapy to Build Qi & Strengthen Organs
  • Added Information & Taoist Philosophy

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(518) 775-7798 or deepconnections24@gmail.com

NOTE:  Please wear comfortable clothing and eat only a light lunch or dinner.

Advanced Dao Yin Qigong Class

Where:  The Garden in Saratoga

434 Church Street, Saratoga Springs (outside on the lawn)

When:  TBA

Time:  TBA

Ongoing Class

Price:  $15 per class (cash preferred)

Teacher:  Kate Kellman, DMQ, PhD

Prerequisite:  Beginner's class completion

or through therapeutic services

​(at the discretion of the teacher)

New Class Offerings!

Join Kate for a fun, energetic and ancient Qigong set designed to release stress, boost energy levels and enhance a centered and relaxed state of being. No props needed, wear comfortable clothes and eat light.  No prior experience is necessary. This practice is usually done standing, but chairs or mats are also available if anyone needs to sit.  All ages 16 and above are welcome.  Get ready to laugh and shake up some Qi!

If you're new to Qigong and don't know what it is, here's a simple definition:  Qi is often defined as "life force energy" and "gong" means movement, exercise, or practice.  The Dao Yin practice uses visualization and exercise, or Qigongs, to intentionally move energy through a student's body.  Through a series of purgation Qigongs, the student purposefully moves stuck energy out of their body, eliminating toxins that cause stress.  (According to a recent study of medical doctors, stress is the leading factor in 80% of pathology.)  Next, clean energy is added to strengthen the five yin organs through specific Qigongs designed for each Yin organ (lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen).  Lastly, the healthy Qi is circulated through the body via a special meditation.  The process is similar to an oil change - draining old gunky energy (like oil), then running fresh, clean energy throughout the system.

The medical benefits are immense - strengthening the immune system, boosting energy levels, and relieving daily stress, to name a few. We will also work on special breathing techniques and grounding meditations, as well as learning other helpful Qigongs and methods, including color and sound therapy to tonify (strengthen) organs.

In the spring, I will be teaching both a Beginner's and an Advanced Class at the Garden in Saratoga (434 Church Street, Saratoga Springs, NY).  Time and day to be announced.  It will be held outside, weather permitting. This is an ongoing class.  The Beginner's class focuses on learning the entire practice and essential breathing and grounding techniques.  It is more instruction based and always experiential.  The Advanced Class is more about the experience and progressive learning of more detailed parts of the practice or other Qigong forms.  Students are required to complete the Beginners class first, although some exceptions may apply if the student is learning the form within therapeutic services.  Cost per class is $15 (cash preferred). To my knowledge, this is a unique offering, and I feel honored to be able to bring this powerful practice to our area.

Beginner's Dao Yin Qigong Class

Where:  The Garden in Saratoga

434 Church Street, Saratoga Springs (outside on the lawn)

When:  TBA

Time:  TBA

Ongoing Class

Price:  $15 per class (cash preferred)

Teacher:  Kate Kellman, DMQ, PhD

Designed for students who are new to Qigong or to this particular practice (not taught elsewhere in this area)

What People Are Saying....

"This is my favorite Qigong class of all time.  I loved this class."  (fellow Qigong teacher)

"There's a lot less things flying around the house!  Thanks, Sifu, for bringing in the Qigong lady.  I really love the class." (16-year-old student from Red Dragon Karate -- previous location.)

"I was able to stay much more calm and centered when I had to mediate a dispute between two parents."

"The Lung Qigong really helps with my asthma."

"I feel more grounded and less stressed in my job."

“I have MS and feel better for days after class.”

“I keep imagining my lymph glands are draining during the purgations.  I really feel this class is helping my Lymphoma.”

“My shoulder pain is much better now and the pain with my Fibromyalgia isn’t nearly as bad.”

"I'm noticing a lot of changes in my body.  My eyesight is changing -- getting better.  I don't want to eat certain unhealthy foods anymore.  Overall, I feel much healthier." (Advanced Student)

"I started getting a cold and fought it off because of what you told us." (Advanced Student)

"I loved the class.  It made me feel really good."  (Participant in early 20s)

"Kate is an excellent teacher.  I really enjoyed the class."  (Student at Soluna Yoga--former location)

"It was much easier for me to see driving home after class.  Usually, I have poor night vision.  I really feel it was the class." (Soluna student)

"Wow, that really does move energy."

Dao Yin Qigong  Classes

Note:  Unfortunately, Dao Yin Qigong Classes are suspended until spring, due to COVID-19.  Location will be outside at the Garden, once the weather gets warm again.... stay safe everyone!