• Being Our Highest Potential (February/March 2017 issue)
  • Strengthen Your Liver By Letting Go of the Past (December/January 2018 issue) 
  • Healing at the Center (February/March 2018 issue) 
  • Grounding:  A Vital Tool for Our Times (August/September 2017 issue) 
  • What is Medical Qigong?  (December 2016/January 2017 issue)
  • Emotions:  How to Explore their Richness & Avoid Excess (April/May 2017 issue) 
  • Are You Qi Deficient?  How to Reclaim Your Energy (October/November 2017 issue) 
  • Stay Youthful, Practice Qigong (upcoming June/July 2018 issue) 

*Articles listed here can be read by visiting the online version of the Healing Springs Journal, a bi-monthly periodical distributed throughout the Upstate NY region.  HSJ also has many other interesting articles for Practitioners and those interested in alternative therapies. Please visit their website at:


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  • The Joy of Breathing (June/July 2017 issue)